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DMK Skin Treatments in Gladstone

Face mask — Belle ame Beautique in Gladstone, QLD
At Belle áme Beautique we are a professional down to earth clinic that is passionate about SKIN! We aim to offer something different to our competitors.We utilise the only paramedical grade skincare in the world—DMK. Not only do we treat the skin condition, but we treat the cause as well. We conduct a thirty-minute COMPLIMENTARY consultation appointment prior to every client’s skin revision treatments and recommendations. Your skin will be physically examined to further assist your DMK technician in prescribing a customised and detailed DMK personalised treatment plan for you.
We revise skin back to a healthy state by treating the internal structures and functions of the skin by following the DMK motto—Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain. Beautiful skin lies within.

Belle àme Beautique is the only DMK accredited clinic in the area. Our Therapists have undergone extensive practical and theory training to become DMK Skin Technicians to ensure that you receive the best treatments available.

We Are a DMK Pure Clinic


Being Pure is the gold standard of DMK. We believe DMK Skin Revision is the best skincare brand, a brand that provides solutions for all skin conditions. We are committed to DMK's revolutionary concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain.

We are dedicated to ongoing education and advanced training with DMK to continue to produce high quality services and standards that deliver life changing and long-lasting results to our customers.
We are Proud to be Pure.

Pro Alpha Peel


The DMK Pro Alpha Six-Layer Peel is an effective resurfacing procedure for those seeking high-quality results. The professionally applied DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment removes dead skin cells and boosts collagen development.

The Pro Alpha Six-Layer Peel is made with a blend of natural plant and fruit sugar acids and the treatment is applied in layers. The number of treatment layers required for each individual is tailored to their specific needs and the results they're looking for. The strength of the formulation is tailored by the professionals at Belle àme Beautique to suit your skin colour, texture and other factors. The procedure is typically complete in seven to ten days.

Enzyme Treatment


The DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments are non-invasive, hydrolysing skin conditioning treatments. These treatments seek to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin without causing peeling. Enzyme Therapy boosts your skin’s capacity to function at an optimal level.

Enzyme masque #1, enzyme masque #2 and enzyme masque #3 are the three treatments which consist of a blend of transfer and messenger enzymes and specialised ingredients. These treatments increase circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, increase free water levels in the skin and boost collagen production, while also strengthening and tightening the skin.

Hands and Feet


At Belle àme Beautique we know that hand and feet services are about two things - feeling pampered and comfortable and enjoying the end result. Our expert staff work hard to make sure your manicure and pedicure treatments are luxurious and relaxing and deliver an incredible result.

We offer express pedicure, deluxe pedicure, express manicure, deluxe manicure and dip powder nail services. For an extra charge you can also add gel to our manis and pedis.

Belle àme Beautique also offers a Medi Pedi® treatment from DMK. The Medi Pedi® is a professional skin treatment from DMK that deals with callouses on the feet. Our skilled team members at Belle àme Beautique have been trained in how to flawlessly provide this treatment to our Gladstone clients.

The procedure removes callous build up from the balls and heels of feet, without requiring any blading or rasping. Medi Pedi® is a non-invasive procedure which results in silky smooth skin. Medi Pedi® can be combined as part of your DMK Enzyme Therapy session or done on its own.



If you want to spice up your look our eyelash extensions and tinting services are just for you! We offer full set and lash lift + tint extensions, along with brow tint, lash tint, lash and brow combo and henna brows tinting services.



Aside from our specialist skin treatments we also offer relaxing massages and facial packages. We can have you fully relaxed and comfortable with a half hour, full hour or full hour hot rock massage. We also offer combinations of massages with facials.

You can choose a one or half hour massage and a half hour facial at a discount through our massage and facial packages. We also offer massages for pregnant women, these include a facial, neck and shoulder massage, along with specialty pregnancy massages.

Men’s Grooming


While many of our services are for women, we also provide men’s grooming services to clients in the Gladstone area.

We can help groom your back, chest, brows, full arm, full leg, nostrils, ears and other parts of your body to ensure you look your best. Whether you want to get ready for a hot date or a work function, Belle àme Beautique has your back!

Special Occasion Makeup


Belle áme Beautique are exclusive stockists of DMKC (DMK Cosmetics)
Creating the appearance of flawless youthful skin. The DMKC Foundation Series is quite simply, the best foundation money can buy. Perfect for clients with skin conditions such as: Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Red Reactive Skin, Prematurely Ageing Skin, Oily, Combination & Post-operative Clients. DMKC helps heal and protect the skin with its soothing, antibacterial properties. Suitable for clients in CQ climate.
Full face with false lashes applied: $80
Allow 1HR 15MIN
Full face without false lashes: $70
*PROM, WEDDINGS & EVENTS* Collab with us!!